19 Things To Know About Darius Moore!

1. Occupation in the real world? Run Coach for Moore Moves & Trainer at 9Round Kickboxing

2. Why should Charlotte runners know you? Charlotte needs to know that one of their own, runs every step with his hometown in his heart. I run to alter the typical narrative, of inner-city youth. To give all that I encounter, inspiration through my passion for running.

3. When did you start running? I used to run Track as a kid. And fell out of love with it, due to lack of support I thought I needed. At the age of 23, I took on a challenge of running a half marathon. It helped me fall back in love, with the sport of Running. No matter the distance, every step is a gift.

4. What do you love about running? What I love most about Running, is how it connects us all. All colors and beliefs are welcome. No judgement. Just welcoming words. And the occasional adult beverage.

5. Running accomplishment you’re most proud of? In 2017, I broke a Guinness World record! I ran the Race 13.1 half marathon, in 1:33. Which gave me the, “Fastest half marathon ran in a Video Game character costume.” I wore the mantle of Dhalsim. One of my favorite, peaceful fighters from the Street Fighter franchise.

6. Do you have a coach or coach yourself? Do I have a Coach? Not really...I’d say the world is my Coach. I have sort of an unorthodox method of training. “Adulting”, prevents me from abiding by a strict training schedule.

7. Best advice you’ve received? Never wear new running gear on race day….I learned that after some painful chafing, caused by some very fuzzy arm warmers.

8. Favorite training workout? Stairs or Hill repeats

9. Most dreaded training workout? Yass 800’s

10. What is your go-to nutrition for a long run/race? Bananas, croissants, & water

11. What is the longest run you’ve ever done? 50K

12. What is your go-to every day training shoe for easy miles? Nike Pegasus

13. Your favorite weekly group run in Charlotte? NoDa Wednesday and Sunday Run

14. What are your PR’s in the full marathon? Half Marathon? 5k? Mile? Full-3:10:30, Half-1:29:22, 5K-18:51, Mile-04:45

15. Favorite local 5k? Runway 5K

16. Favorite local non-profit or charity? RunningWorks

17. Advice you’d give for a new runner? Don’t think of running as a job or task. Instead, deal with it as a challenge, to earn something you really want at the finish. Be it Oreo cheesecake, or a nice cold craft brew. And never run for distance. Run for time. Run as long as you can, with good form. Adding a few minutes onto each workout, every few weeks.

18. Favorite sports team? NFL-Dallas Cowboys, NBA-Charlotte Hornets, MLB-Chicago Cubs, NCAA-UNC Tar Heels

19. List your 2019 Running Goals. For the past 4 years, I’ve had a personal goal. To run a half marathon in all 50 states, and 7 continents. So far, I’m at 16 states. This year, I’ll add Alabama, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Cancun to the list. While I prepare for those, I’ll be Coaching a few Youth Track teams. As well as a Cross Country middle school team. With another

goal in mind. I’d like to train an Olympic Runner. One that I guide from youth Track, to the immortal stage of the Olympics.

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