Tricep Tuesday!

Hello Everyone!

Today we are going to be talking about the benefits of triceps dips! Triceps dips are super easy and can be done either at the gym, or at your house. Dips are a compound push exercise that has a small range of motion, and engage core muscles in your triceps, forearms, shoulders, chest, and your lower back. These muscles are used as soon as you position yourself in the dip position by helping to stabilise and balance yourself to get ready to preform the dip. As you lower and raise your body to the ground and back up, these muscles are providing resistance to the gravitational pull on your body. This lack of momentum during the dip movement is keeping the muscles contracted throughout the exercise making this one of the most effective triceps exercises. Dips do more then just help make your arms look nice, they also help to increase your arm strength as well.

Some things to know when doing triceps dips are;

1. Don't lock your elbows, When you come back up to the start position make sure you keep your elbows still slightly bent to maintain the tension in your triceps.

2. Keep your shoulders down and away from the ears.

3. Don't lean forward. If you lean forward, you start to work your chest more tan the triceps, so make sure to keep your body in a good sitting like position. (If you have bad knees, you can also straighten your legs, but make sure to keep your body in a straight line.)

4. Don't dip to low, if you dip to low you will start to feel strain on your shoulders, if you do, just come back up, and restart making sure that you aren't going that low again. To much strain on your shoulders can cause injury.

Now that you know some benefits, and some do's and don'ts of doing dips, add some to your daily routine try doing 5 set of 10 and get those arms looking nice!

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