Leg Day = Lunges!

Let's Lunge!

What are the benefits of lunges? Why should you add lunge's to your workout? What should you stray away from when doing lunges? Well keep reading and let's find out!

So what are some benefits of lunges? Lunges help to strengthen your lower body, increase your core strength, muscle tissue as well as help you get the perfect butt you've always hoped for.

1. Core stability; doing a lunge properly can help strengthen your core by engaging your ab muscles. A stronger core can also help with lower back pain from moving your hips up and down, as well as improve your posture and balance.

2. Strengthen you legs, and butt; Lunges are one of the most effective lower-body exercises and are right up there with squats, step-ups and quadruped and four-way hip extensions. a lunge targets the muscles in your lower body which will help with weight loss.

3. Improve hip flexibility; Lunges can improve the flexibility of your hip flexors, which are the muscles that you use to bend and flex your legs at your hips.These muscles are often neglected, When you do a lunge, you force your hip flexors to stretch.

What to avoid when doing a lunge?

1. Avoid bringing your your front foot directly in line with your back foot. This can reduce your stability.

2. Avoid popping your heel. By this, I mean avoid bringing your heel off the ground when you step forward. Doing this will make your knee travel past your foot which puts an unnecessary strain on your knee. (Fix: Take a larger step)

3. Don't shift your weight forward enough to where you are letting your bending your hips to much and letting your upper body drop. This also puts an unnecessary strain on your knee's, as well as running a risk of losing balance, and falling.

Now that we know the benefits, and things not to do when preforming a proper lunge lets go and get leg day started!


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