T-Shirts, and Team Members!

Hey Team Moore we have some big news, we now have apparel! We now have t-shirts in stock! They are red with a white Moore moves logo! They are 100 percent polyester, polyester ottoman, and micro polyester. They are machine washable, lightweight / breathable, and they have a binding neckline and armholes. We also have some Moore Moves team members that are loving their Moore Moves shirts, so let's go ahead and meet them! First up we have our newest ambassador and team members who have a great addition to the Moore Moves team.

Esayas is our newest Moore Moves ambassador, who is an awesome runner and athlete all around. He runs to stay healthy and in shape, and he runs around 50-60 miles per week. Here he is relaxing after a great run, supporting the Moore Moves brand by wearing our new shirts! He loves running in them due to the breathable, lightweight material.

This is Luke, another Moore Moves team member. Luke isn't a runner, he is more of a body builder type. He is a Panther's fan, who also studies at UNC Charlotte. Luke developed his love for working out from playing left tackle in high school. Luke is also my awesome co-worker at 9Round Dilworth! Luke loves wearing the shirts because it keeps him cool while he is working out.

This is me! Im Darius Moore, I'm an avid runner, who loves running because I love donuts. Yes, I run because I love to eat, and of course because I want to continue to be healthy. Im a Dallas Cowboy's fan, and a Charlotte native. I am a happily married man with two beautiful kids who I adore. Working out has always been a passion of mine, and being a trainer at 9Round allows me to do what I love everyday. I love running in my shirts because it keeps me cool while i'm working up a sweat running due to the breathable material.

Last but not least, we have Walt. Walt is an Omega Psi Phi member, who is from Baltimore, and is of course a Baltimore Ravens fan. Like Luke, Walt gained his love of working out from playing lacrosse, and soccer in high school and has been working out, and "body building" ever since. He is also a great, fun co-worker at 9Round Dilworth as well.Here he is rocking the Moore Moves shirt after a great workout session. He loves working out in the Moore Moves gear because it allows him to move in the ways he needs to when doing abs, and arms due to the sleeveless arms, and light flowing material.

If you would like to be a part of the Moore Moves team, and support me, and what I do, to help keep people healthy and fit, and look good while YOU workout, go ahead and purchase your shirt now! Each shirt is 30$ and 10% of the profits will go to Cross Country for Youth, as well as Let Me Run which is a non-profit organization. Each shirt is made to order, and can be delivered locally, or shipped anywhere for an addition fee. So come on and join the Moore Moves team, and purchase your shirt for a god cause now!

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