New Race Director For Cross Country Youth!

In the picture above, you’ll see the new Race Director for Cross Country for Youth👀 He’s also a Head Coach for the program as well‼️

🥬When’s the race⁉️ November 16, 2019

🍓Where’s the race⁉️ McAlpine Creek greenway

🍉Why run the race⁉️ All proceeds benefit an initiative to increase health & wellness, among our cities youth. The program is coed. Helping to ensure the lessons offered, can be practiced in “real time”.

🍏How long is the race⁉️⁉️⁉️ Only a 5K😅

🍌Where can you sign up⁉️ Go to & click the picture above the words that say “register for cross Country 5K” HURRY HURRY HURRY before the price goes up‼️ This event is available to all ages. So join us for this AMAZ-ZA-ZING event‼️‼️‼️📢





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